Friday, April 3, 2015

Brooksy Hats and Machinedance Vintage Present The New Spring Mode

Outfits  (first image):
Hannah wears a luxurious handmade silk cloche with french 
ribbon work roses in soft rose from Brooksy while wearing a
simpler 1930s pale yellow cotton day dress with a 1940s
heavy knit bolero to keep her warm for the early Spring.
Our darling Jamie dons a playful, yet chic straw cloche in a
demure pale peach with a lovely floral embellishment.  Her 
dress is a soft pastel 50's does 1920s floral print with a drop
waist and tie at the back.  She is wearing an oversized orange
and peach beaded necklace that compliments her outfit

Outfit (second image):
Here is an absolutely perfect outfit for your upcoming Gatsby era 
picnics!  This gorgeous three piece 1930s lace gown is a perfect 
shade of sky blue with large silk bow embellishments and 
flattering peplum waist.  Jamie is holding a matching 1930s 
blue crochet pouch purse and wearing a beautiful summer straw 
chapeau in a large flare style, tastefully adorned with a delicate 
silk rose.

Outfit (above image):  Smiling on the left Hannah so gracefully wears a lovely soft fitted cloche in a feminine shade of lavender and constructed of the finest velour. Her dress is the finest 1930s silk crepe with a pastel floral pattern throughout and a matching belt with a sweet peach plastic deco buckle.  

Outfits (left image): Charming Hannah wears the same straw chapeaux featured in the 2nd photo and in the image below.  Her 1920s dress is made of a soft sheer cotton with a small reddish floral print and and has a peter pan collar trimmed in lace.  Lazing peacefully on Hannah's lap, Jamie is outfitted with a comfortable, stylish and versatile wool beret in a becoming antique rose.  Her dress, a rare 1920s long sleeve cotton day dress in a plaid print with contrasting pink elements at the waist and hips. 

Brooksy Hats and Machinedance Vintage joined forces to
create a 1920s/1930s style Spring lookbook for 2015! All
hats featured in the photographs and video are handmade by
Brooksy while the dresses and accessories are true vintage
items you can find at Machinedance Vintage 
All Photography © 2014-2015 by Kathryn Parker of Machinedance Vintage

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