Friday, April 3, 2015

Brooksy Hats and Machinedance Vintage Present The New Spring Mode

Outfits  (first image):
Hannah wears a luxurious handmade silk cloche with french 
ribbon work roses in soft rose from Brooksy while wearing a
simpler 1930s pale yellow cotton day dress with a 1940s
heavy knit bolero to keep her warm for the early Spring.
Our darling Jamie dons a playful, yet chic straw cloche in a
demure pale peach with a lovely floral embellishment.  Her 
dress is a soft pastel 50's does 1920s floral print with a drop
waist and tie at the back.  She is wearing an oversized orange
and peach beaded necklace that compliments her outfit

Outfit (second image):
Here is an absolutely perfect outfit for your upcoming Gatsby era 
picnics!  This gorgeous three piece 1930s lace gown is a perfect 
shade of sky blue with large silk bow embellishments and 
flattering peplum waist.  Jamie is holding a matching 1930s 
blue crochet pouch purse and wearing a beautiful summer straw 
chapeau in a large flare style, tastefully adorned with a delicate 
silk rose.